Neues Verkehrswissenschaftliches Journal des VWI. Ausgabe 4 (2010)

Yong Cui:

Simulation-Based Hybrid Model for a semi-automatic Dispatching of Railway Operation (Simulationsbasiertes Hybrid-Modell für eine teilautomatisierte Disposition des Eisenbahnbetriebs)

ISBN: 978-3-8391-7595-8
Preis: 20,- Euro
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To improve the efficiency and service quality in railway operation, several research projects have aimed to achieve automated dispatching. However, the existing methods are not able to reconcile the different preferences between system performance and the quality of dispatching solutions. In this dissertation, the framework for a hybrid model is therefore designed. Within this model, the synchronous simulation is utilized as the basis to generate a basic dispatching solution. This dissertation focuses on the components and the workflow of a synchronous simulation, and addressed its associated deadlock problem. Finally, the simulation-based hybrid model paves the way for the development of a reliable and an optimized dispatching solution.

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